Certified Remodeler

Dave Lupfer, C.R. of Lupfer Builders, Inc. is a Certified Remodeler (CR) listed with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

The NARI Certification Program is designed to establish professional standards for the remodeling industry and to improve the products and services provided to customers. Certification provides special recognition to those contractors who, by fulfilling prescribed requirements of performance and conduct, have demonstrated a high level of competency and ethical standards in the remodeling industry. Certification is achieved for those who have subscribed to rigorous procedures and tests.

Qualification Requirements

Certified Remodelers must:

  • have spent a minimum of 5 continuous years in the business of remodeling
  • demonstrate proficiency and overall construction knowledge of remodeling functions in accordance with sound building practices
  • be able to direct the performance of others in all phases of remodeling
  • be competent to write, or direct the writing of, job specifications in accordance standards approved by the Association
  • subscribe to sound business practices and ethics in accordance with standards approved by the Association
  • be involved in programs and affiliated with Associations which enhance their community as well as their industry
  • be dedicated to self-improvement by taking advantage of continuing education programs for remodelers
  • submit to a rigorous day-long examination which tests:

    1. knowledge of all crafts of a remodeling project
    2. ability to manage and operate a business
    3. knowledge of building codes

In short, a Certified Remodeler has demonstrated that he has the composite knowledge necessary to be identified as a legitimate professional — a professional dedicated to raising the standards of the remodeling industry in order to better serve the remodeling customer. Look for the CR designation — it tells you much about your prospective contractor.

This means we have completed certified training on remodeling standards and must renew our certification on an annual basis.

What does this mean for you?  Our services are based on quality craftsmanship and excellent service.