Home Maintenance

Below are some of the highlights of our bi annual home maintenance
program.  Contact us for a copy of our 8 page detailed checklist.

  •     2 Technicians for one day twice a year
  •     1 Painter for one day twice a year
  •     1 Plumber for a half day twice a year
  •     1 Licensed HVAC technician twice a year
  •     Gutter cleaning crew twice a year

Click here for full program details (PDF)

Other Services

  •     Bathroom maintenance
  •     Kitchen maintenance
  •     Check/tighten cabinets and doors
  •     Caulking
  •     Inspect fireplaces
  •     Check garage doors for wear/safety
  •     Inspect grading around house
  •     Clean gutters and eaves
  •     HVAC inspections and filter changes
  •     Check insulation for leaks
  •     Painting touchups
  •     Smoke detector checks
  •     Weather stripping
  •     Roofing inspections
  •     Grill & Duct Cleaning
  •     And more!